Happy new year CruxFam! We hope that all of you have made it safely into the beautiful year that is 2020! With a new year, hell even a new decade, ahead of us, it has been a time for us to take a look at all the things we’ve built. We’re not yet a full year into the life of StreamCrux, but have already created a home to an amazing community of highly engaged people from within the world of streaming. You guys ROCK!

Now enough with the sentimental stuff, let’s get down to business 🕺.

Doubling down on discoverability through streamer-powered content

In the beginning of November last year we rolled out the ability for all of our users on StreamCrux to start adding clips, edits and highlights. This allows you to better present who you are as a streamer and the vibe within your community. This changed the experience of using StreamCrux more than we had anticipated (in a good way). Discovering and meeting new streamers all of a sudden felt so effortless, like we were all properly introduced to each other, that we started genuinely understanding who you are as streamers, creators and humans <3

Our efforts have from this point in time been focused on improving and optimising the streamer-powered content experience and it is also where we’ll be doubling down going forward.

Updated Streamer Pages with new modules

One of the first steps to cement this direction is cleaning up the Streamer Pages, moving some stuff around and introducing a couple of new modules.

Some of the things that you’ll notice:

  • Feed takes front stage. Now you’ll find all the posts uploaded by any streamer right when you land on their Streamer Page
  • Stream embedded when you’re live! To ensure visitors see your stream, we’ll always show it at the top of your streamer page whenever you’re live!
  • Stream status on posts. Also, when you’re live, it will now show on all of your posts. This means you can use posts to promote when going live!
  • Especially for you 💜 The new ‘Recommended’ sorting will show you posts based on your interactions on the platform. We’ll be tweaking this along the way
  • Social Links up top. Finding a streamer on other platforms made even quicker and easier
  • Bio shifted to the right. We believe that getting to know someone, in their own words, is still a great form of an internet handshake
  • A wild Post Activity module appears! This is a quick summary of the total stats for the streamer’s posts on the platform
  • DO U EVEN GAME BRO? Yes, I do. My ‘Most Clipped Games’ module will give you an idea of which games I play the most in my posts
  • Achievements = streamer trophy shelf (coming very soon). We added a module to showcase your greatest achievements on StreamCrux (more to come).

Neat-o-burrito-indeed-o! And there’s a lot more up our sleeves that we hope to release very soon.

That’s all gravy, but what about the profile upvotes and leaderboards?

You’re right, we haven’t talked about them yet, but let’s get to it. It has without a doubt been one of the toughest decisions we’ve been faced with. With our goal of making StreamCrux the most engaging and powerful streamer-powered content discovery platform, we’ve had an increasingly tough time seeing how the leaderboards powered by upvotes fit into this vision. As a result, and in order to make sure our efforts are focused, we’ve come to the decision that it is time for the profile upvotes and leaderboards to say goodbye.

We still love the idea of community-centered leaderboards and it is very likely that we will revisit this concept again once we figure out how this could be done in a way that aligns with the new direction.

In order to commemorate all the hard work that you all have put into continuously upvoting your favourite streamers, we will be giving out badges to the Top 100 all-time most upvoted streamers of StreamCrux. These badges will be added to the Achievement module on the Streamer Page as soon as we have it ready!

So, what’s next?

We’re working on a ton of things at the moment that we cannot wait to release. To shed some light on some of the things that we’ll most likely be releasing soon:

  • Pinned posts
  • Custom profile pictures for all profiles
  • Favourite posts

Fingers crossed, we will (really, really, really) soon also be inviting more awesome people into the community, and hope that you will help us in welcoming them to the CruxFam!