Whether you’re a longtime Twitch user or you’re just getting started, you probably know that finding new streamers can be a daunting task. Problems like oversaturation and a lack of discoverability plague the platform, and, let’s face it – most of us simply don’t have the time to sift through thousands of streams to find that one diamond in the rough. But we do, and we did. You’re welcome.

For our first #CruxPicks feature, we decided to focus on small to mid-range Twitch variety streamers. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. We dug through a bunch of growing streams to find the most entertaining channels in the category. Here’s what we found.

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Slade variety streamer

No gimmicks or personas here, Slade’s just a dude playing video games. His follower count is in the mid-range, coming in at just under 45K, but he takes the time to acknowledge his followers and answer questions. His reactions are genuine and funny – it’s just as entertaining to see him lose as it is to see him win. He’s been playing a lot of Super Mario Maker lately, so he’s your go-to guy if you want to see some challenging level designs and whistle along to the classic tunes of Mario punctuated by the guttural groans of a frustrated gamer.

SomethingWittyGaming variety streamer

SomethingWitty is a trio of snarky jokesters who have an affinity for RPGs, virtual tabletops, and classic adventure games. They have about 18k followers and interact with their fans when they’re able, but their conversations are the main appeal here. It’s sort of like watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. But for video games. And with a ton of swearing.

Do yourself a favor and watch them play Super Seducer 2.

BuffaloPrime variety streamer

BP is a true variety streamer who plays everything from Ocarina of Time to Call of Duty. He’s close and involved with his community of roughly 6,000 followers, and his (somewhat) high energy keeps things fun without being over the top. All in all, BuffaloPrime is an enthusiastic goofball who will have you giggling at his occasional character impressions and running commentary. Once in a while, he’ll do a speedrun, so check back often if that’s your thing.

AceJGaming variety streamer

Ace is a self-proclaimed super nerd who tends to stream Final Fantasy Online when he’s not busy trying to get 100% completion on fan-requested faves. Some of his mastered games include Horizon Zero Dawn, Dragon Age Inquisition, Persona 5, and classics like Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank. He’s a total sweetheart who truly cares about his 500 followers, and he’s not afraid to show it. If you catch one of his live streams, there’s a good chance you’ll get to see him headbang or don his unicorn horn whenever fans show support. Pro Tip: if you fancy the occasional libation, pour yourself a stiff drink (or three), and join him for Wasted Wednesdays.

TheMexicanRunner variety streamer

One of the most popular streamers on this list, TheMexicanRunner comes in at just over 100K followers. Now, before you give me sh*t for that being too high of a follower count for your liking, hear me out. If you don’t know about this guy yet, I strongly suggest you check out his channel. He’s currently undertaking a massive project to beat all Nintendo-licensed NES games live. Every. Single. One. Needless to say, it’s pretty entertaining to watch him struggle through those infuriatingly hard games that made us all throw our controllers across the room as kids. So, pick out your most beloved – or most hated – NES classic, and get ready for some serious nostalgia.

Strawbrary variety streamer

Strawbrary’s down-to-earth vibe makes her an absolute joy to watch and interact with, and interact she sure will. Despite having a fast-growing community of 2,000+ fans, she still makes sure to respond to just about every follow, sub, and comment in her chat. While she primarily streams LoL, she’ll occasionally throw in some RPG and indie games alongside her monthly cooking stream (she’s a trained chef). Regardless of what you decide to watch, Strawbrary’s relaxed and natural sense of humor is sure to inspire a few giggles.

Breebunn variety streamer

In my opinion, Breebunn epitomizes the meaning of the term ‘Twitch variety streamer.’ She has a great selection of games, but she also streams art, makeup, and regular JustChats. Breebunn is bubbly, engaging, and funny, which makes her community of roughly 24k a welcoming and upbeat one. Seriously, if you need an instant pick-me-up, just head over to her channel and watch any one of her streams. She’s more of a casual gamer and instead prioritizes talking to her followers and having fun while she plays. Overall, Breebunn is quite endearing and very entertaining.

D3anTV variety streamer

What sets D3an apart from the other streamers on this list is his approach. Not only is he a skilled gamer, but he’s also an intellectual. He plays each game with a keen eye for detail and story. He walks fans through every decision he makes, even down to his outfit choice in PUBG, or his thought process when solving puzzles in Legend of Grimrock 2. His JustChatting streams often touch on topics like game critiques and mechanics – what makes a game fun, the story it’s trying to tell, and how the controls may or may not contribute to the immersion factor. On top of all this, his calm and collected demeanor and highly interactive community of 2,600 followers make watching D3anTV a pleasant and educational experience.

PattyTrills variety streamer

You know those people who are, like, dorky-cool without trying to be? Yeah, that’s Patty. His playstyle is slightly low energy, but his jokey, offhand commentary keeps it from being anything but boring. After watching just a few minutes of his stream, you’ll see why his community of nearly 17K followers is growing rapidly. He’s a casual gamer and takes frequent breaks from gameplay to talk and answer questions in the chat. He mostly streams Pokemon games, but occasionally revisits Zelda BOTW, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and other Nintendo mainstays. PattyTrills is a good choice if you want to stream something in the background while working or just being a lump on the couch.

BadGalShay variety streamer

Another excellent example of a Twitch variety streamer, Shay has an impressively diverse roster of games. Red Dead, Fortnite, Soul Caliber, and CoD are a few of her recent installations. She also has a whole boatload of JustChatting streams, which often feature a good mix of casual gaming, goofing off, and plenty of banter. Probably, BadGalShay’s biggest draw is that she’s just real. She’s here to play games and have fun with her 14K followers, and it shows. She’s pretty darn good at what she does, so if you want to watch a streamer kick some serious ass while still being engaging, Shay’s your girl.


Slade: 45K followers, mostly Super Mario Maker lately. Just as fun to see him lose as it is to see him win.

SomethingWittyGaming: 18K followers, lots of RPGs, tabletops, card games. A group of three opinionated friends who like to make fun of games as they play.

BuffaloPrime: 6K followers, various Nintendo games (and some others), occasional speedruns. High energy without being over the top.

AceJGaming: 500 followers, completionist who takes game requests and has a very welcoming and inclusive community.

TheMexicanRunner: 100K followers, currently working on beating every Nintendo-licensed NES game.

Strawbrary: 2K followers, LoL, RPGs, Indie Games, and regular educational cooking streams. Down to earth with a relaxed sense of humor.

Breebunn: 24K followers, tons of variety, including art, makeup, and JustChatting streams. Casual gamer who prioritizes interacting with her community.

D3anTV: 2.6K followers, a mix of MMORPGs, MOBAs, and RPGs. chill vibe with an educational and intellectual approach to games.

PattyTrills: 17K followers, mostly Pokemon Let’s Go interspersed with other Nintendo games. All-around cool dude with a nonchalant comedic flare.

BadGalShay: 14K followers, various online games (RDR2, Fortnite, CoD, etc.). Talented gamer who likes to goof off with her community when she’s not kicking virtual ass.

Find Your New Favorite Twitch Variety Streamer

It’s not hard to find the most popular streamers of the moment. All you have to do is click on your favorite category and look at the first few selections. That’s all well and good for those of you who simply want to watch and be entertained. But a growing number of Twitch users want more – they want to be able to interact with broadcasters, and in most cases, that’s something you just don’t get from big accounts. On the other hand, mid-range and low-range accounts are a toss-up. Do they have fewer followers because they haven’t had enough exposure yet, or are their streams just sorta…lame?

To answer these and other pressing questions, we at StreamCrux spend our days and nights seeking out the best Twitch streams in each genre. Undoubtedly, you’re waiting with bated breath for our next post. But fear not! In the meantime, use StreamCrux to find low, mid, and high-range streamers in any category.