In the last 4 weeks we’ve been running faster than usual in order to bring you all something we think will radically change how streamers present themselves and how they get discovered! Let’s get to it.

Streamer feed: A streamer's personality presented through clips, highlights and other creations

Starting Tuesday two weeks ago, a select group of streamers - the Alpha Team - have been able to post clips, highlights, GIFs and other self-made creations to their streamer pages to showcase who they are as streamers and let new viewers get a better sense of their personality on stream. Giving streamers a platform dedicated to showcasing the best side of themselves when not live on stream, and giving viewers a fun and easily accessible way to explore and engage with those streamer creations is part of our vision of taking streamer communities and discovery for streamers to a completely new level.

Post interactions: Upvoting, attribute tagging and commenting

As a way of making the platform more engaging, users have several ways of interacting with the content posted by streamers to StreamCrux. Apart from making it more fun for everyone on the platform, this helps streamers better understand what type of content their community and new viewers find the most interesting. So if you think the post is awesome, go ahead and give it an upvote! Think the post showcases specific personality traits of the streamer? Add the attribute tags you think are relevant! Want to engage more with the streamer and their community? Leave a comment on the post! There are plenty of ways for the community to spread the love around!

Posts made by streamers and their community on StreamCrux flow into a master feed that contains all of the golden nuggets shared by the CruxFam. To make sure that all posts can be easily found, we've added the ability to sort the feed in 4 different orders:

🕓 Fresh: By default, all posts are sorted by how recently they've been uploaded. Use this option to see the latest creations first.

📈 Trending: For the first 5 days a post is live, it's given a ‘Trending’ score to highlight new posts that are receiving the most attention right now.

👑 Legendary: See the all-time most upvoted, tagged and commented posts on StreamCrux. This is the stuff history books made of.

👤 Following: We’ve also added a filter for you to only see posts from the streamers you’re following on StreamCrux.

Create posts: Publishing new posts as streamers

Creating posts is currently limited to members of the Alpha team. The feature will be rolled out to everyone in due time. Meanwhile, if you’re a streamer interested in trying this out, you can apply to join the alpha team.

When you want to add a new sweet edit, clip or yesterdays' stream highlight to your streamer page, all you need to do is click the ‘Create post’ button in your user menu. From here you will have the option to either upload your creation directly to StreamCrux or share a link to where the clip is hosted. Add a description to let everyone know what awesome stuff they’re about to witness and you’re done! The post will be added to your streamer page automatically 👍

Content submissions: submit content for streamers

No one knows and supports a streamer like their community, which is why we’re super excited about this feature. In addition to streamers adding posts themselves, their communities can also share their creations with their favorite streamers and have them shown on their Streamer Page - the post will credit the community member who submitted the creation, of course! Using the ‘Submit Content’ button on the streamer pages, every StreamCrux user can send clips, images or other creative outbursts that can help the streamers better present themselves 💅

Content inbox: Approving or rejecting submissions

While we’re excited about opening up the gates for viewers to get creative, it’s of course important that the streamer has the deciding power over what goes up on their streamer page and what doesn’t. Therefore, a quick and easy way for streamers to moderate their submissions has of course been added.

The way it works is that all submissions by a streamer's community will land in a Content Inbox that can be accessed through the user menu. Here, the streamer will find all the content submitted to them. They can choose to simply use the description added by the submitter or edit it if needed. When they’re ready, they can approve or reject the post. If rejected, it's gone forever. If approved, it will be displayed on the feed in their Streamer Page and the master feed, with credit assigned to the user who submitted it!

Moderation: Editing or deleting posts and comments

With so much new content added by so many different people, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time. So to make sure that the worst ones aren’t written in stone, we’ve made sure that streamers can both edit and delete their posts once they’re up and that all users can edit or delete their comments. So shed the shyness and start engaging! No reason to hold anything back 🤭

Performance optimisations: harder, better, faster, stronger

Other than all of the visual updates to StreamCrux, many different factors related to our performance have also been optimised behind the scenes. Among other things, we've made sure that videos and comments now load quicker, that easily digestible thumbnails are created for all uploaded videos and that wait times in general are reduced all across. This is only the beginning; we will always be working on improving the StreamCrux experience.

Are we done yet?

We are - for this update - but you can expect a lot more in the coming weeks. Lots of juicy stuff is in the pipeline and we thought that we would share some of the things we are working on with you here. In no particular order:

  • Pinned posts
  • Advanced feed filters
  • Better integration with other SoMe platforms
  • Upvotes and threads in comments
  • User @mentions
  • Non-streamer user pages
  • Notifications (🔔!)

+ a whole lot more!

We’re super excited for these things to come and hope that you are too!

Alpha streamers: Free panels to grab

Remember, if you're interested in having a feed on your streamer page you can apply here to become an Alpha Tester. If you were already accepted into the program and now have your own streamer feed, set up these panels on your Twitch page to encourage Content Submissions from your community. Soon enough you'll start filling up your feed with community-made creations! 🙌

Talk to you in the next update... 👋

StreamCrux Team