It’s a pretty awesome day today, for many reasons. On this very day, exactly 130 years ago, a man with the name Fusajiro Yamauchi opened up a little shop in Kyoto selling his own version of the Japanese Hanafuda playing cards. Why is this important? Well, the name of the shop was Nintendo Koppai, and was the foundation of what we all know as Nintendo today. Pretty neat. You know what’s even better? That we today, 130 years later, have released some sweet, spicy, saucy updates to StreamCrux ✌️

Historic upvotes

As many of you know, only upvotes received within the last 30 days count towards your CruxScore, which determines a streamer’s rank on the leaderboard. However, we have of course been keeping track of all the upvotes that every streamer has ever received on the platform 👀 and we’ve implemented a sweet little historic vote counter on all claimed Streamer Pages! So, if you want to see how many upvotes you’ve received from the loving CruxFam since the beginning of time, make sure to claim your Streamer Page!

Verified tick

Lots of streamers have claimed their Streamer Page on StreamCrux, added their Social Links and written great Bios about themselves, their favourite games and their guilty pleasures (you lot are a crazy bunch). We thought that all of these committed streamers should be more visible on the platform. Therefore, every streamer who has claimed their profile will have a verified tick next to their profile picture.

New following list

We’re super happy that so many of you love and appreciate the follow functionality that we recently introduced! We see that many of you have started following your favourite streamers 👏 Since then, we have gotten feedback that it wasn’t really obvious where to find the list of streamers you follow. Therefore, we’ve moved the list to a separate page that can easily be accessed from the user menu in the top right hand corner. Your list will now also be sorted by most recently followed instead of by a streamer’s CruxScore.

A pimped-out Twitch extension

Even though it’s been a little over a week ago that our update for the StreamCrux Streamer Personality Twitch extension got approved, we thought we would take the opportunity to present it to you again here! In the updated extension you’ll find that alongside a streamer’s Attributes, the streamer’s StreamCrux Bio is now featured, along with their CruxScore and Top Supporters. Other than the added features, the extension has been given a visual overhaul that we personally think makes it look a lot cooler 😎 If you don’t have it already, you can install the extension here.

A lot of smaller quality updates and fixes

Aside from the larger updates, we’ve cleaned up various elements and also made some smaller improvements that among other things include a new Live/Offline status indicator on streamer pages. We’ll let you explore the site on your own to find the rest 😄

This is it from team StreamCrux for now. Keep all of the wonderful feedback up - it helps us tremendously in improving the things that matter to you the most. Join our Discord to share your ideas in #💡feedback or let us know about any bugs you encounter in #🕵️‍♂️help-and-support.

Cheers 👋