A new update is live on StreamCrux, which means it’s time for a brief writeup on what you’ll experience on your next visit.

Filtering redesigned

Improving the way you find great streamers is one of the core features of StreamCrux. This of course means that we aim at providing you the necessary tools to do this. With the latest redesign of the leaderboard filtering, we believe that we’re one step closer to our goal!

The new setup groups all the filtering options at the top of the leaderboard and with an increased focus on the attributes filter it is now much easier to find that salty🧂streamer you're in the mood for. All in all, we believe that the filters now come together in a better and more cohesive way. It also works a lot better on your phone!

New visual upvote counter

As some might know and others might not know, you can show your support for your favourite streamers with up to three upvotes per day. We found out that this hasn't been clear enough, so now we’ve changed it.

From today you’ll see a dot counter next to the upvote thumb that indicates the exact number of votes you’ve set on any given streamer!

Improved attribute-voting

So many of you have embraced the idea of setting personality attributes for streamers, so it’s about time we fixed the things that were not working. This means that you will now always be able to clearly see which attributes you’ve set for a streamerand have the ability to easily change your mind if you find you’ve mistakenly set an attribute. It was time, now it’s here. We thank you for your patience 🙏

Show some love for your supporters

Many of your supporters might be viewers, but some might even be streamers themselves. Up until now it has only been possible to see the names of the top supporters in the ‘Top Supporters’ module on a streamer page.

Today this changes, as the new module will allow you to click on any supporter in the leaderboard with a streamer page on StreamCrux! Yay!

Interactive Games module

Having an overview of what games a streamer has been playing is neat. Being able to click on any one of these games and filter the leaderboard accordingly to find other streamers playing that game, is even neater. Now, you can do exactly that!

Optimised design of streamer pages on mobile

Up until today, we’ve only shown you the number 1 top attribute for each streamer on mobile. This is now changed and all of the top 3 attributes are now visible, represented by their emojis! We’ve even made it easier for you to set your attributes on mobile if you haven’t already. Not too shabby!

That's it

Apart from a lot of changes to the code and more subtle visual changes, this pretty much wraps up this round of platform updates. We’ve got a ton of new stuff that we’re working on and we cannot wait to share it with each and every one of you!

As always, let us know if you have ideas or input! You can reach us on both Discord and Twitter.

Have an amazing weekend 👋