We have been working on new features for StreamCrux that are now ready for you to use! It’s time for an update:

Follow your favourite streamers

From today, it is possible for you to follow your favourite streamers. This is an addition to the platform that we’re super excited about and it's something that many of you have been asking for. ‘Follow’ is a great tool in helping you show appreciation for all the hardworking streamers out there!

You can follow a streamer by clicking the icon on their card in the leaderboard, or by clicking the follower button on their Streamer Page.

Access the streamers you follow from the leaderboard

In order to make it easy for you to see the list of streamers that you follow, we have implemented a little follower button at the top of the page. Click it and the leaderboard will magically turn into a list of all your favourite streamers! Nifty eh’? This should also make it much (read:muuuch) easier for you to do your daily upvotes round.

See who other streamers are following and who’s following them

As humans, we are curious by nature; in order to satisfy this curiosity we’ve made it possible for everyone to see who’s following who 👀 On the Streamer Pages, you are now able to access follower lists and check out not only who is following the streamer but also who the streamer is following!

Easily share your favourite streamers

It's great to find that skilled streamer you’ve always been looking for; but to share that streamer’s awesomeness with everyone? Priceless. We’ve now made that a lot easier by implementing share buttons in the leaderboard, as well as directly on every Streamer Page.

Making our streamers look even better 😎

While implementing the follower functionality across the platform, we’ve made some adjustments and visual changes to the Streamer Pages. The entire top part of the Streamer Page has been redesigned to present the streamer and their attributes in a sleek and professional way. We personally think they look a lot sharper now - we hope you do too!

If you notice any bugs or issues, please write us on discord in the #🕵🏼help-and-support channel. That’s it for now - hope you enjoy the new additions. We will be back soon with more cool updates!