Many streamers struggle to find their personal style and their own unique voice. Here at StreamCrux we want to help with that and who can be a better inspiration & source of wisdom than our most upvoted streamers?

We interviewed October’s winners - Atreyeu & Virtute - and asked them about their streams, the games they play, their past & present challenges, and how they got to the heart of the StreamCrux community.

Atreyeu is an Emerging Variety Streamer. His go-to game genre is RPG, and all time favorite game is Final Fantasy VII. According to his Twitter bio, he’s a bald & beautiful average gamer and he’s definitely not lacking a great sense of humour! From his stream you can expect loads of irony, genuine entertainment, and a warm friendly atmosphere.

What are your favorite ways to interact with your viewers?
My main favourite way is to interact with them actively in chat. If not on stream then via Discord or social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

What’s the thing you have learned through your streaming experience that you wished you knew when you started?
To really utilise social media and other platforms with content that would have helped grow my channel much earlier.

What kind of content helped you the most growing your channel?
As Twitch does not help with channels being discovered, streamers need to utilise other platforms to help grow their channels. Most of this is currently done via social media channels but each of these platforms excel in different types of content which not many people understand or fully utilise. As an example most will post a Twitch clip straight in Twitter, Instagram and Youtube but the content that does well on each of these platforms is not formatted the same way. So a streamers posts need to be tailored correctly for each platform to fully get the impressions needed to convert people back to their Twitch channel.

I don't think I had any particular content specifically that has helped me. I've simply tried to network with people across social media platforms, finding other streamers looking to grow, meeting people in person at conventions. Twitch is about interactions and connections so I try to concentrate on this!

What makes you prefer certain games to stream rather than others?
Games that will allow me to still interact with chat. Games that require too much focus take me away from being able to interact with viewers.

Can you mention a few games that you played recently and a few games you think have been really good for the interaction with the chat?
Games I enjoy playing that give enough moments for a streamer to be able to still actively interact with chat would be the Diablo series, Elite Dangerous, Subnautica, Fallout - just to name a few. Games like require a lot of focus or concentration from the streamer mean viewers miss out on the interaction that is the main draw of Twitch as a platform. Games that viewers can actually join in on and interact with alongside streamers are also hugely popular - for example Domina, Marbles on Stream, and Jackbox party games.

How does StreamCrux fit into your life as a streamer? Do you have any tips to leverage the features of the platform?
You get out what you put in. Only if you use StreamCrux and use it to find new channels yourself and share the word will others do the same for your channel.

What’s the most “n00b” thing you have done when you started streaming?
Having the mic muted, repeatedly. 😛

Virtute is an Upcoming Variety Streamer who streams mostly story-based games, and occasionally co-op multiplayer. His go-to game genre is Indie and his streams are all about chat-interaction & hilarious voice acting. If you’re going to watch his stream, prepare for dad jokes, unusual games, and a lot of laughs.

What was the most game-changer product or tip that helped you with launching your stream?
There's a stark contrast in my streams before and after watching this video by HeyShadyLady on how to talk to yourself on stream. It taught me the value in looking at myself and others in a critical manner. Before my streams would be me barely talking and my streams were absolutely lacking in entertainment. Now there's barely any dead air and I try to keep entertaining for the entire four or so hours of my streams - without straying from being myself. I recommend that video to others frequently, I found it infinitely valuable!

What are the most challenging aspects of live streaming for you - and how do you overcome them?
Multitasking - trying to juggle being entertaining, keeping up with chat, the intricacies of delivering a broadcast like making sure you're aware of audio levels and encoding performance. Whilst having things on your mind to talk about if the game or chat aren't giving you prompts for things to talk about.

Overcoming them is a learning process, of knowing what you should be paying attention to - as a streamer I like to keep my focus on the things I feel matter, so whilst I'm streaming my phone is on silent away from me, desktop notifications switched off, my Twitch chat always in a place I can conveniently read. OBS information and audio levels are always displayed in a way that I should notice if things start to look wrong.

I think ultimately, delivering a broadcast that's intended to be entertaining is more difficult than a lot of people give credit to: when you're the presenter/performer, the cameraman, the director and the writer - and your audience have a direct channel to communicate with you, there's a lot to consider and always room to improve. Embrace the fact that everyone has something they could improve or tweak, even if most of streaming becomes second nature, and try to enjoy the process.

What are your criteria to pick the games to stream? Do you think that the type of games you play affects your interactions with the audience?
There are some games I stream because they give me a lot of room for talking to chat - visual novels like Danganronpa series or platformers I can take a break from playing to talk. Generally there's not a lot of process to the games I pick though, I'm very much of the 'play what games you think you'd enjoy' mindset.

What was your biggest achievement since you started streaming? How did you reach it?
It's really hard to think of a single achievement I'm most proud of. Working directly with indie game publishers has been really cool, but it's mostly come about from working to put my content out there and keeping my eye out on social media for opportunities. It feels like an achievement that I've helped other streamer friends by putting them in touch with opportunities too.

You have been in the lead of your viewership tier on StreamCrux for a while now. Do you have any suggestions for streamers who would like to climb the leaderboard?
I think I've just been really lucky and made some good friends through StreamCrux. If others are looking to climb the leaderboard I'd recommend introducing their community and friends to StreamCrux and reaching out to other streamers on the platform. It's a really cool place to find other people that play similar games to you for collaboration and find other streamers that your community are interested in through follower lists - and extending your network of friends and familiar streamers through that.

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