It’s the battle of the battle royales! Apex Legends dropped just last week, and it wasn’t long before player numbers hit the 10 million mark (72 hours, to be precise). Twitch streamers are flocking to the game to capitalize on its popularity and versatility. With Overwatch-style heroes, a futuristic map set in the Titanfall universe, and a compelling backstory, Apex Legends has something for everyone – and its grown-up approach to the genre feels more fleshed-out than any BR game thus far.

It may seem like an inopportune time for EA to jump on the battle royale bandwagon, and already there’s speculation as to whether the game has the staying power of Fortnite or PUBG, but one thing is certain: Apex Legends brings some interesting twists to the genre. Right off the bat, players are treated to a cinematic and tutorial that explains the very reason for their being there; something that most BR games fail to do. But that’s not the only thing that sets the game apart from its competition:

  • Characters have differing roles and synergistic abilities that allow the three-person teams to work together seamlessly.
  • The pinging system, which tags items and enemies on the map for everyone on the team to see, lets players communicate non-verbally and effectively.
  • Revivals give you a second chance at life – teammates can either revive you within the time limit or pick up a banner of your image to revive you at a nearby respawn beacon.

New features, of course, mean that Apex has a bit of a learning curve, but that hasn’t stopped streamers from sharing their struggles with the community. Actually, it hasn’t even slowed them down - we had quite a few Apex Legends streamers to choose from for this week’s #CruxPicks.  

Twitch apex legends streamers diegosaurs

Diegosaurs has taken to Apex Legends pretty darn quickly, and he’s arguably one of the fiercest and fastest-growing players. It makes sense - he spent last Wednesday attempting a 24-hour stream and has racked up more than 3000 kills since the game’s release. He mainly plays as Mirage, an unlockable legend who utilizes cloaks and holographic clones to confuse enemies. Spend a few minutes watching his stream, and you’ll quickly see what makes Diego so likable. It’s clear that he genuinely cares about helping his teammates (and his community) learn the game, which is refreshing for a genre that’s often riddled with toxicity and trolls.

Twitch apex legends streamers rydgar

It’s obvious that Rydgar loves to entertain. When he’s not joking around in JustChatting streams, he brings his sarcastic and self-deprecating sense of humor to the game. He takes advantage of Apex’s pinging system and instead uses his mic to engage the chat and talk about his strategy (or lack thereof). He’s a casual player, so he’s more focused on having fun and playing with viewers. Head to his channel if you’re in the mood for exploratory gameplay and a few good belly laughs. And feel free to give him a bit of a hard time – he can take it.

Twitch apex legends streamers nightwalker1h

On the other end of the spectrum is NightWalkeR1H, a highly competitive streamer with an affinity for shooters. There’s no time for goofing around here; NightwalkeR plays with the pinpoint accuracy and laser focus of a seasoned pro. He takes advantage of the pinging system as well, but for different reasons: you’ll very rarely hear him talk to anyone but his teammates – if you hear him talk at all. Perhaps that’s why he seems to prefer playing as Wraith, a lightning-fast stealth fighter who operates behind the scenes using dimensional rifts and invisibility. NightwalkeR’s channel is perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of chatter and just wants to see some solid gameplay.

Twitch apex legends streamers lowco

Lowco may be a Twitch partner with a fairly large following, but she hasn’t let it go to her head in the least bit. She’s super talkative and connected with her viewers, so it’s no surprise that her family-friendly streams have attracted such a fun, positive community. Her enthusiasm meshes perfectly with her natural ability to teach; it’s exciting to watch her experiment with different characters and learn the game right along with her. Overall, Lowco is one of those streamers who makes broadcasting look easy - she’s a talented multitasker who has no trouble kicking ass and taking names, all while chatting with her followers and making everyone feel right at home.

Twitch apex legends streamers rflegendary

RF Legendary is a well-known LoL player who’s giving Apex a go as he waits for Proletariat to lift the pre-alpha NDA on the upcoming magic-based BR game Spellbreak. I know, that was an earful…sorry. My point is, for someone who would probably rather be streaming a different game, RF seems to be pretty invested in Apex Legends. His style is mostly strategic with some risky moves here and there, making his channel a good choice if you simply want to enjoy the game and get a sense of its unique mechanics. RF doesn’t specialize in one character, per se, but he’s been favoring Pathfinder lately, using the grappling and ziplining abilities to aid his teammates and pull off said risky moves.

Twitch Apex Legends Streamers Take Over the Battle Royale Category

The battle royale genre has been ripe for change for a while now, and Apex’s explosive popularity proves it. Already, the game has more than tripled Fortnite’s viewer count on Twitch. And while diehard Fortnite fans decry Apex as “just another BR copy,” the reality is quite the contrary. Apex’s array of new features and mechanics add a layer of complexity to the genre that has not been seen before. It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn and other developers tweak the formula as BR games continue to flourish – and whether Apex Legends streamers will remain loyal to the game.