League of Legends will make it to its 10th year anniversary in 2019, and it will do so as one of the most consistently played and followed online games of the decade. Although it has seen its ups and downs, LoL has maintained itself atop the charts, and its competitors have never tried to hide that Riot Games’ creation is the one to beat in terms of eSports excellence and community loyalty. No matter the day, LoL always sneaks into the top 5 most watched games on Twitch.

Even though the game is extremely broad and depends on metas that can completely define the way it’s played, the spectrum remains diverse and ready to welcome new talents every year. And because it's been around for so long, LoL has given rise to a number of popular styles: first it was casual streaming, then it was educational, then it shifted to a mix between streaming and coaching. Now, we’re at a time where Twitch League of Legends streamers are finding new ways to entertain and socialize with their audience aside from just playing the game. We’ve included five of our favorites in this week’s #CruxPicks.

Twitch league of legends streamers trick2g

Godyr, D Cane, the Volibear king, or simply Trick, this top lane and jungle main has been streaming for so long that the usual jokes about his receding hairline are starting to become well- founded (just kidding Trick; you’re our fave <3).

Trick2G began his career as one of the most charismatic Challenger players before becoming a cornerstone in the educational scene. He’s created entire days worth of content explaining his very distinctive playstyle, which he describes as “going for d gates” because it’s based in split pushing lanes and out rotating the enemy team.

He stands out for his capacity to understand the game and play it in an efficient and smart way, which turns him into the perfect example to follow for lower ELO players who want to climb the ladder. Apart from this, he has forever been one of the most entertaining and funny Twitch League of Legends streamers to watch, thanks to a very outgoing and expressive personality - in short, he likes to scream when he’s frustrated - and we all love him for that.

Twitch league of legends streamers vapora dark

Vapora Dark is one of the biggest contributors to the study of strategy on Solo Q League of Legends. He started out as a Talon OTP (one trick player) and then turned more towards the ADC position, but it’s safe to say that after all these years he has no particular champion or lane main.

VD counts on a knowledge only paralleled by players like Scarra, and pages like Mobafire always feature his champion guides on the top of the list. He’s gained the community’s respect due to his well-deserved reputation as an example to follow when it comes to understanding changes in items, abilities or meta, and introduction of new content.

His biggest draw is how easily he’s able to read and handle the pace of each game, which gives him the ability to carry out amazing plays time and time again. He might not be the most popular streamer of the current age, but he remains a go-to for players who want to learn or simply enjoy a good session of well-played League of Legends.

Twitch league of legends streamers boxbox

This Riven main is one of the most visible faces of the streaming community thanks to two things: his talent as a top laner and his quirky personality. He’s also into the cosplay stream trend that started when C9 Sneaky came out as a big cosplayer on Twitter, which adds yet another layer of entertainment to his channel.

As a streamer, BoxBox is incredibly entertaining and is highly engaged with his audience. He does weekly giveaways sponsored by HyperX, his headset brand of choice, and he has managed to create a community of his own thanks to his personality and close connection with his viewers. More than just a streamer, BoxBox has become a very visible face of LoL - which is why he usually attends the most important LoL events. He’s an example of how to create and maintain a community, and initiatives like his idea of shipping free emote t-shirts to 12-month subs prove it.

Twitch league of legends streamers hashinhin

Hashinshin is one of the most controversial, but also most entertaining and unique Twitch League of Legends streamers. He appeared around season 7, and he’s well known for his strong opinions on the inviability of bruisers due to the state of the game. People watch him because he’s a truly good high ELO player that constantly pulls out very good plays, and his outspoken nature means he doesn’t have a problem criticizing the game when he thinks it’s necessary.

He’s usually subjected to tons of memes due to his rather toxic attitude at some points, but his ability to take criticism the right way and turn it into a point of interest for himself has made him a popular and appreciated voice in the community. He plays bruisers even though the game isn’t necessarily enjoyable for them due to how much crowd control abilities and burst damage have grown, and this has earned him a place among the community’s biggest influencers.

When it comes to engagement, he spends his streams voicing his thoughts or opining on the match, and he actively communicates with his chat. In short, Hashinshin is one of those creators characterized by a biting sense of humor and a personable presence.

Twitch league of legends streamers llstylish

Just like Yassuo or TF Blade, LL Stylish is one of the members of the latest generation of popular Twitch League of Legends streamers that started out with a talent as an OTP. LL Stylish mains Zed, and he is incredibly good with him. Stylish jumped to fame thanks to his notorious plays that were collected almost daily in Youtube channels dedicated to stream highlights - and his fun personality did the rest.

He gained traction thanks to his Youtube montages, and his rise to Twitch put him where he is today. Thanks to his quick explosion, he was signed by Team Liquid in 2017 as an official streamer. He’s a funny guy who loves to connect with the chat, and when he’s not streaming, he’s updating his Youtube content to educate viewers on how he tweaks his Zed play according to the state of the meta.

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